The Grand 4-door Coupé - THE M8 GRAN COUPÉ
The night is always mysterious. Like a ray of light in the dark, The All New Flagship Sports Car THE M8 Competition breaks the tranquillity and challenges the extraordinary. Always the centre of attention, this luxurious yet dazzling coupé possesses a racing soul and pulse. With elegant contour like a gentleman, the elegant delivers robust performance.

Majestic and Robust

The All New Flagship Sports Car THE M8 Competition is integrated with racing genes and fine craftsmanship. It has a top-notch coupé silhouette with a sense of fashion and sportiness expressed by its long hood, streamlined roof and short rear. The high profile display is graced by different colours shown from different angles, truly reflecting the brilliance of The All New Flagship Sports Car THE M8 Competition!

Deserve The Strongest

Pursuit of speed is endless. Triggered by the BMW M TwinPower Turbo V8 Engine , THE M8 Competition generates 625 horsepower. Let’s feel how Flagship Sport Car pushes the limit in every second!

Imposing Inside and Outside

Inside the luxurious cabin of The All New Flagship Sports Car THE M8 Competition is a coupé soul. The exclusive premium interior is more than a reflection of the uniquely passionate DNA possessed by BMW M series, but also a perfect presentation of extraordinary luxury. Plenty of surprises, inside and outside!

Advanced and Meticulous

Embrace smartness for a more focused and enjoyable journey! Empowered by a series of smart technologies, the journey on THE M8 Competition is more effortless than ever.

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