The New Luxury Coupé - THE 6 GRAN TURISMO
Evening is the beginning of night and leisure. It is the moment to call it a day and slowly savour the life. Under the dynamic and elegant look of THE 6 GRAN TURISMO is the ultimate comfort experience, ensuring an effortless and subtle journey in this luxury coupé is on course!

Showcase of Elegant Aesthetics

With an extended silhouette in new edition, an elegant yet sporty look is sculpted to express the distinctive dynamic and glamour of THE 6 GRAN TURISMO. The extraordinary style of this dynamic, leisure coupé is fully unleashed with its unique coupé rear contour design.

Efficient and Comfortable Driving

A journey must be both comfortable and motivational! BMW THE 6 GRAN TURISMO combines highly efficient engine with intelligent aerodynamic characteristics and lightweight construction technology for effortless control albeit all challenges in short and long distance journeys, as well as pure driving pleasure.

Extremely Comfortable Atmosphere

The spacious cabin of BMW THE 6 GRAN TURISMO brings the best out of the ultra-high-quality details for a luxurious experience. Ergonomic configuration ensures practicality and convenient handling – everything is handier!

A Smart Technology Lead

BMW THE 6 GRAN TURISMO is enlightened with the smart BMW Driving Assistant, an innovative technology ensuring driving convenience and safety, so as defining a comfortable and satisfying journey.

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