The All New Coupé THE 4 Coupé
Start a new day with new breakthroughs! The All New Coupé THE 4 Coupé is the new coupé unprecedentedly reinterpreting the dynamic aesthetics, adding a wild edge to the soft morning light. Come with the new 3D twin kidney grille and distinctive contour, this maverick coupé echoes with the dawn under the sunshine, unleashing pleasant surprises and novelties.

Reinterpret self-confidence

A new coupé in a futuristic look, THE 4 COUPÉ is unprecedentedly irresistible in the first sight – and you were falling in love ever since! The avant-garde design package is completed with the new 3D twin kidney grille. What a unique self-confidence it is!

Power – Mastery of Mileage

With 184 horsepower, every acceleration of BMW THE 4 is more powerful! Geared by BMW TwinPower Turbo engine and M Sport suspension parts, the coupé ignites the fighting spirit of every driver and master the extraordinary with power!

Interior – Where The Edge Stands Out

BMW THE 4 COUPÉ presents the diversity of a new coupé with simplicity. A fully driver-centric design concept across the coupé is reflected by the extraordinary details that are both beautiful and practical, vastly enhancing driving pleasure!

A Tango of Innovation and Intelligence

BMW THE 4 COUPÉ is vastly upgraded with a series of cutting-edge technology and convenient amenities. Every journey is more relaxed in this new intelligent coupé!

All-New THE 4 Convertible at BMW Luxury Class Wanchai Showroom

All-New THE 4 Convertible has made its debut at BMW Luxury Class Wanchai Showroom, offering a new yet distinctive 2-door Convertible for discerning drivers seeking to be different. Blending confidence, smoothness and elegance into one, the slender yet dynamic silhouette is an aesthetic masterpiece.

Converted from hard top to soft top, All-New THE 4 Convertible is optimized and 40% lighter than the last generation. Marrying the most advanced sound insulation and weatherproof technologies, a Z-shaped electric folding structure is used on the soft top canopy, ensuring that less space is occupied for a more spacious and comfortable driving experience. The storage space is increased by 80L to around 300L when the canopy is open and further expanded to 385L in closed-roof mode. At a car speed below 50 km/h, only 18 seconds are needed to fully complete the canopy opening or closing. Feel free to chase the wind and enjoy the scenery along the way at your open-roof convertible.

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