Maintenance Package

Maintenance Package

Maintenance Package.
Purchase 5-time regular maintenance service to enjoy up 25% exclusive offer.

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*All prices are subject to the quotation from the Service Consultant.

Scope of Maintenance Package.

Maintenance Package provides up to 25% discount for a comprehensive 67# inspection and maintenance items including Engine Oil service (with engine oil filter replacement) and A/C Filter Service.
Based on Hong Kong driving environment, road conditions and BMW’s recommendation, a routine inspection and maintenance should be completed every 12 months or 12,000 KM^ in order to understand the condition of your BMW. It would also help to keep your BMW in the best condition which would ensure you could enjoy the sheer driving pleasure of your BMW without any worries.

#The number of inspection items depends on the model.
^Whichever comes first.

Computer System
Check fault code with Diagnosis System
Delete fault memory with Diagnosis System (if applicable)
Check car key data of service item
Check 12V battery condition
Check for navigation system operation
(Map update with additional charge)
Lighting System
Check headlight and tail light
Check function of indicators
Check license plate lighting
Check hazard warning signal
Check instrument cluster indicators
Check interior lighting
Check luggage compartment lighting
Check glove box lighting
Check headlight position with tester
(Adjust with additional charge)
Interior Function
Check horn
Check central lock
Check seat belt buckles for damage
Check seat belt tensioner
Check function of windscreen wiper
Check condition of wiper blades
Check headlight washer function (if applicable)
Check washer
Check air condition vent outlet temperature
Check function of air conditioning
Check immobilization system
Check operation of window obstacle detection
Check function of child safety lock on rear doors
Visual check on belt drive (if applicable)
Visual check on oil pipe (damage , fixture, leaking)
Visual check on water hose (damage , fixture, leaking)
Fluid Level
Check engine oil level
Check coolant level
Check coolant concentration
Check window washer level
(Top up washer fluid with additional charge)
Check AdBlue level (Top up with additional charge)*
Chassis and Steering
Check steering
(leaking, damage, wear, tightness, corrosion)
Check under chassis components
(leaking, damage, wear, tightness, corrosion)
Check condition of suspension system (leaking ,wear)
Check exhaust pipe for damage (if applicable)
Braking System
Check function of handbrake
Check brake fluid level
Check brake hose (damage , fixture, leaking)
Check brake pad thickness
Wheel and Tyre
Check and correct tyre pressure (Initialize Run Flat Indicator if necessary)
Check spare tyre pressure and repair kit (if applicable)
Check wheel rims (cracks / deform)
Check All Tyre Thread
Exclusive Inspection Items for xDrive System
All-wheel drive system inspection (Only Applicable to AWD Vehicle)
Exclusive Inspection Items for EV and Hybrid Vehicles
High Voltage battery health check
Check High Voltage Battery charging cable condition (Damage / Loose) (if applicable)
Check charging socket for external damage (if applicable)
Original Parts Replacement
Original A/C filter replacement
BMW authorized engine oil and original oil filter replacement
Exclusive Inspection Items for BMW 7 Series:
Interior Function
Check operation of gesture control (if applicable)
Check operation of touch command (if applicable)
Check operation of reversing/surround view camera system (if applicable)
Check function of Adaptive LED
Check function of comfort access system
Check data storage function of drivers' profile
Check massage function of rear seats (if applicable)
Check function of child safety lock on power window
Body Equipment
Check gas pressure prop for engine hood condition
Check gas pressure prop for luggage compartment condition
Check smart open function of tailgate (if applicable)
Check operation of tailgate obstacle detection (if applicable)
Check automatic soft-close function of the doors
Intelligent Safety System
Intelligent Safety System inspection (if applicable)
*Only applicable for diesel model.

BMW PM2.5 A/C Filter

BMW PM2.5 A/C Filter can create clean and fresh cabin space by filtering bacteria, allergens and fine dust. You can also enjoy promotional offer for upgrading to PM2.5 A/C Filter upon purchase of Maintenance Package, ensuring a healthier, more pleasurable drive.

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Please contact 3193 6688 (BMW)/ 3193 6699 (MINI) for more details^.

  1. All prices are subject to the quotation from the Service Consultant.
  2. Price are subject to change without prior notice.
  3. This service is not transferable to other vehicles.
  4. In case of any disputes, the decision of BMW Concessionaires (HK) Ltd. shall be final.
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To Kwa Wan Service Centre
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Chai Wan Service Centre
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^Office hours: Monday to Friday, 8 am to 7 pm, Saturdays from 8:30 am to 6 pm, closed on Sundays and public holidays. All service details and guarantees are subject to relevant provisions.