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Driven by innovation and leadership, the new chapter of #bornelectric E-mobility steps up in using intelligent technologies to unleash more possibilities, manifesting your desires into reality!

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Available from $727,4001,
Purchase Price under
"One-for-One Replacement" Scheme2

from $439,9001

(Estimated vehicle delivery starts from Q2-Q3 20233)

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Available from $837,4001,
Purchase Price under
"One-for-One Replacement" Scheme2

from $549,9001

(Estimated vehicle delivery starts from Q2-Q3 20233)

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Available from $1,137,4001,
Purchase Price under
"One-for-One Replacement" Scheme2

from $849,9001

(Estimated vehicle delivery starts from Q2-Q3 20233)

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BMW i4

Available from $747,4001,
Purchase Price under
"One-for-One Replacement" Scheme2

from $459,9001

(Estimated vehicle delivery starts from Q2-Q3 20233)

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Why choose a BMW i electric vehicle?

4Advantages of Electric Vehicles Supporting You to Take the Lead

Regardless of before or during the journey, or even looking into the future, BMW i have got everything covered. From now, step into an electric way of life, and enjoy various advantages like never before at various phases!

Before the Journey

During the Journey

Future Protection

Advantage 1. “One-for-One Replacement” Scheme^

Swap your petrol-powered vehicle for an all-new BMW i electric vehicle and enjoy as much as HK$287,500 in concession in Motor Vehicles First Registration Tax (FRT), embark on a new pure-electric journey at a special price.

4 Criteria Determining Your Vehicle’s Eligibility for the “One-for-One Replacement” Scheme:

6 years or more:
Must be at least 6 years since the vehicle’s first registration
18 months or more:
At least 18 months since registration as vehicle owner
More than 10 months:
Within the 12 months prior to cancelling the registration, have held a valid driving license for at least 10 months
Less than 3 months:
There shall be no more than 3 months between the cancellation of the registration of the “existing petrol vehicle” and the submission of the application for the “One-for-One Replacement” Scheme

^According to the policy announced by the Hong Kong Government on 24 Feb 2021, the FRT concession will be valid until 31 Mar 2024, and the concession shall be HK$97,500. Alternatively, under the “One-for-One Replacement” Scheme, the concession cap is HK$287,500. For details, please refer to the Hong Kong Government website. For enquiries, please visit our showroom or contact one of our customer service officers at 3193 6688.

Advantage 2. Fuel-saving

Compared with traditional petrol vehicles, electric vehicles cost less in fuel-consumption. Based on an average consumption rate of $1.13/1kW, driving electric vehicles will save nearly HK$100,000 in the next 5 years compared with traditional petrol vehicles!

The following table compares BMW iX and a petrol vehicle of the same class:

Assuming average annual driving distance of 15,000km Petrol Vehicle BMW iX
Cost per 100km Assuming a petrol vehicle of the same class has an average fuel consumption of 9.1L/100km, only 1/8 of the cost would be needed if running on electricity
Projected Fuel & Electricity Costs for 5 Years Premium petrol at HK$16.29/L Average rate of electricity in HK at HK$1.13/kWh
Cost for 1 Year Approx. HK$22,000 Approx. $1,025
On Average 5-yr Vehicle Turnaround Basis, Next 5-yr Costs Approx. HK$110,000 Approx. $12,300

Savings of HK$97,700 over a 5-year period

Advantage 3. Saving on Vehicle License Fee

As opposed to traditional petrol vehicles, electric vehicles’ license fees aren’t calculated using the engine volume, but is calculated using vehicle mass: first 1000kg costs HK$572; each 250kg then costs HK$124.

Taking for example the BMW iX xDrive40 weighing 2,365kg*, the vehicle license fee each year only costs HK$1,316; compared with a traditional petrol vehicle of its same class (2,500cc to 3,500cc), which requires an annual vehicle license fee of HK$9,929, the electric vehicle license fee comes in at merely 1/8 of the cost.

*Information provided by BMW AG, for reference only.

Advantage 4. Warranty and Maintenance

  • The warranty for electric vehicle batteries are longer than the average battery, giving owners increased protection
    Take BMW iX as an example, the car battery can enjoy 8 years/160,000km of warranty
  • Fewer parts replacement and repair than ordinary vehicles, saving in related costs
    For instance, lubricant, oil filters, air filters and etc. – if the driving habit changes to using gliding instead of braking and leveraging Regenerative braking to lower the wear and tear on the brake system, auto parts’ lifetime can be extended
  • 3 types of charging equipment come with the vehicle, taking care of various needs, making the journey more carefree and enjoyable
    With the purchase of any BMW i vehicle, owners will receive the StandardCharging Cable, Public charging cable, and the BMW Charging Card.
Maximum charging rate: 2.2kM (1 phase, 10A)
Length: 5m
Waterproof Grade: IP 67
Includes temperature detection and automatic shutdown to prevent overheating
Maximum charging rate: 7.4kW (1 phase, 32A) or 22kW (3 phase, 32A)
Length: 5m
Includes cable bag and gloves
Free registration and account creation included, and can use public E-CHARGE services^
^Additional charges may be applicable on each charge

“BMW iSpace” Electric Vehicle Flagship Store Soft Opening

The first pure BMW i flagship store in Asia “BMW iSpace” conveys the commitment of an electrified future by BMW, presented to BMW i and electric vehicle enthusiasts with the brand’s most pioneering technology and customer experience.

Concerned about Electric Vehicle Charging Facilities?

BMW i provides you a 360° charging solution

Electricity is pervasive in our daily lives, and charging stations for electric vehicles can be found in virtually every corner of Hong Kong. No matter if it’s the BMW i Wallbox at home, public charging stations while on-the-go, or the BMW Charging Stations, you never have to worry about charging issues. You will always be ready to embark on your ideal electric-powered journey at your convenience!

Home Charging Solutions

Public Charging Solutions


Install BMW Wallbox (Gen 3)

Retail Price from $8,680 (an extra 10% off for new customer, excl. installation fees)

Installing BMW Wallbox (Gen 3):

Step 1:
Our BMW Charging Specialist will contact the owner for an on-site inspection
Step 2:
Obtain quotation from BMW Charging Specialist according to inspected result for individual parking spot
Step 3:
After confirmation of quotation, BMW Concessionaires will arrange installation
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EV-Ready Housing Estates

There are more than 60 EV-Ready Housing Estates and residential buildings around Hong Kong, Kowloon, and the New Territories; providing residents charging station installation and monthly subscription plans to meet the rising trend of electric vehicles.


Over 4000 public charging stations throughout Hong Kong

Various types of charging stations:

13A standard AC charging stations:
32A standard AC charging stations:
3-phase 16A quick-charge AC stations:
DC quick-charge stations:
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BMW Charging Stations

BMW is introducing some of the first charging facilities located in different parts of the city. The charging stations are gradually entering into service in 2022, with the aim to provide a seamless charging solution for EV owners in Hong Kong.

BMW iSpace - Hopewell Centre Carpark

Location: 12/F, Hopewell Centre Carpark, No. 183 Queen’s Road East, Wan Chai, Hong Kong

The charging station located in Hopewell Centre carpark is equipped with 12 chargers including 6 units of 80kW DC fast chargers and 6 units of 11kW AC chargers. All equipped to suit your electric mobility requirements.

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Some Quick Facts about Charging

Learn more about charging times to relieve your concerns, so that you can choose the most suitable charging method under different conditions, and enjoy a new world of electric-powered driving!

Charging time required when using different charging facilities:

(take for example, charge the BMW iX xDrive40 until 80% capacity, with a battery capacity of ~56kWh, and to provide a range of 340km)

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