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To test drive along your customized route.+
To learn the outstanding features of BMW 5 SERIES.
To experience the class-leading Driving Assistant.
To enjoy the unparalleled BMW driving pleasure.

Time is precious. Why not fully utilize it? BMWHK proudly presents 5 SERIES Test Drive Experience, allowing you to plan your exclusive route. The reserved vehicle will arrive at your designated date, time and pick up location. All you need to do is to relax and enjoy the class-leading business athlete.


Date: 31st October17th November
Test Driving Sessions: 10:00 | 12:30 | 15:30 | 18:00
Test Driving District: Kowloon and Hong Kong Island (Test Drive Experience does not include Harbour Crossing route)

Hong Kong Island Test Drive Experience can also choose the new BMW Wanchai showroom as test drive drop off point, while enjoying the luxurious and stylish interior design of the new showroom, BMW representative will give you an in-depth introduction to the Executive Sedan BMW 5 Series, including class leading Driving Assistant and the BMW Connected App.

Test driving the BMW 520iA M Sport around the city, enjoying the beautiful scenes of your choice along your planned route, and you may thoroughly learn the outstanding features of the BMW 5 SERIES at the same time:

Driving Assistant
The system uses over 30 sensors to gather the on-road information, in order to provide warnings or assistance, promising a safe and carefree driving pleasure.
10.25” Touch Screen
You may re-arrange the live tiles, including media player, phone communication and navigation.
BMW Navigation
The navigation systems pre-installed the maps of China, Hong Kong and Macau to bring you a safe and convenient arrival.
BMW Connected App
Connect your vehicle with mobile app to monitor the vehicle status or remote controlling selected functions.
M Leather Steering Wheel with Gearshift Paddles
Enhance your steering with a sturdy and safe grip.
Lowest drag-coefficient in its class
Enjoy a quiet interior with low wind noise and protection from SYNTAK noise isolation technology.
Strong and powerful design lines with M Aerodynamic Package
A leader is always attention drawing.

The new BMW 5 Series Executive Sedan features state-of-the-art technology inside the impressive exterior. The combination of motorway dynamics and elegance creates your ideal business saloon.

+BMW 5 Series Test Drive Experience will be carried out on both Hong Kong Island and Kowloon.

Mission Accomplished in a Matter of Seconds.

In this hyper-paced world, every second, every minute counts. BMW 5 Series offers a range of convenient functions to help you accomplish your mission in a matter of seconds.

Eyes Peeled to Keep You at Ease.

Human’s field of view = 200°

Horse’s field of view = 350°

Surround View

Human vision has a field of view of 200°, while that of a horse is 350°. With the BMW Surround View, you get a full 360° view around your vehicle, which in conjunction with the 10.25-inch touchscreen navigation system, helps you chart your path with ease.

BMW is committed to ensure your safety, so the BMW 520iA M Sport is equipped with the advanced Driving Assistant. The Driving Assistant will proactively assist you, such as during traffic jams, when the vehicle is moving slowly, or on longer trips, to take off the pressure from driving while elevating safety to the highest level.

Collision and Pedestrian Warning with City Braking.

The function makes use of cameras installed on the vehicle to detect the area in front of the car. If the system detects rick of collision with forward traffic or pedestrians, it will automatically alert the driver.

Lane Departure Warning.

When the vehicle drives above 70km/h on roads with lanes clearly demarcated, the system can use the camera to detect the lanes, such that if the vehicle deviates from the lane without the turn signal on, the system will send a steering wheel vibration to warn the driver.

Lane Changing Warning

The system can detect if there are vehicles behind or beside you. When a vehicle approaches from the side or if overtaking, the warning signal will light up on the side mirror, so that if the driver uses the turn signal to prepare for a change of lanes, the warning light on the side mirror will begin flashing, and the system will also send a vibrating warning on the steering wheel.

One Finger to Control the Scene.

You can use the BMW Connected App to exert remote control, such as locking/unlocking the vehicle, locating the vehicle, start the air conditioning. You can also remotely view the 3D images of the vehicle’s surroundings to have a good understanding of the vehicle status at any time.

**BMW Connected App includes 3 years of service period.
**BMW Connected App is only available on specific models.
**BMW Connected App is only available for the first owner of the vehicle registration.
**Services will be affected by the network environment and geographic location.


Lock Function

Owners can lock the car with BMW Connected App in the “REMOTE PAGE”.

Unlock Function

Owners can unlock the car with BMW Connected App in the “REMOTE PAGE”.

Lights Function

Owners can flash the headlights with BMW Connected App in the “REMOTE PAGE”.

Horn Function

Owners can honk the horn with BMW Connected App in the “REMOTE PAGE”.

Locate Vehicle Function*

Owners can locate the vehicle in real time with BMW Connected App in the “REMOTE PAGE”.

(*The vehicle must active location function in advance)

Ventilate Function

Owners can refresh the air circulation inside the vehicle before driving with BMW Connected App in the “REMOTE PAGE”.

Departure Climate Timer Function

Owners can set departure time with climate timer to activate the ventilate function with BMW Connected App in the “REMOTE PAGE”.

Remote 3D View Function*

Owners can look around the vehicle in real time with BMW Connected App in the “REMOTE PAGE”.

*This function can be activated up to 3 times in 2 hours
*Only available for vehicles with Parking Assistant Plus


Owners can check the car status^ including doors, windows, sunroof, boot and the bonnet with BMW Connected App in the “INFO PAGE”.

Owners can also check the status of tyre pressure, engine oil and brake fluid with BMW Connected App.

^Partial vehicle lock status is only available for iOS version

One Breath to Reach a State of Comfort and Ease.

Board the BMW 5 Series to find that in addition to the comfort and support of the Sports Seats for the driver and front passenger, the cabin is evidently more quiet than all predecessors. The cabin noise-minimizing design delivers you peaceful and quiet interior, together with the six types of ambient lighting combinations, delivers you an exquisite sense of luxury.


A Power to Rise Above the Crowd.

In addition to sporty and modern design, the M Sport vehicle body features defined muscular contours combine with unparalleled handling to make a satisfying journey.


Available from $529,900 | Monthly Installment from $5,200^
(Original $639,000)

TwinPower Turbo Engine
Max. Output / Torque
184hp / 290Nm
Kerb Weight
Drag Coefficient

Standard equipped with M Aerodynamics package, M Sport suspension and 18” M light-alloy wheels. Also comes with Parking Assistant with Surround View, 10.25” touchscreen with navigation, Comfort Access, Automatic Tailgate, Wireless Charging, etc.


To experience 2019 BMW 5 Series M Sport Edition and enjoy an array of exclusive privileges!

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#Test Drive Terms and Conditions:

  • Test driver must bring along HKID and driving license for registration.
  • Test driver must be aged 25 years or above and holding valid driving license with two years or longer.
  • BMWHK reserves the right to amend the test drive time slots at any time without prior notice.
  • Test Driver must follow the driving route preset by the BMWHK and complete the entire test drive route and drop off at the designated location.
  • In case of any dispute, BMW Concessionaires (HK) Ltd. reserve full discretion in the final decision.

^applicable to the BMW Circle 60-mth programme, subject to terms and conditions. BMW Financial Services Hong Kong Limited reserves the right to make final decision. Money Lender’s License: 2295/2018. Warning: You have to repay your loans. Don’t pay any intermediaries. Complaint Hotline: +852 2598 1009

+BMW 5 Series Test Drive Experience will be carried out on both Hong Kong Island and Kowloon.

Image may differ from actual product depending on the model.

BMW Concessionaires (HK) Ltd reserves the right to terminate this Program or amend its Terms and Conditions at any time without prior notice.
In case of any dispute, BMW Concessionaires (HK) Ltd. reserve full discretion in the final decision.